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High Speed Explosions

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Pencil art by Dirk Dzimirsky

By far some of the greatest pencil artwork I’ve ever come across, the photo realism is remarkable, and they are so beautiful. Fine artist Dirk Drimirsky is sheer genius Be …

Orée Board Maple Keyboard

Totally cool maple wood fully functional keyboard by Orée Board Maple, such a fun idea, and I would LOVE to stroke these keys.

Inglorious Bastards by Massimo Carnevale

Bone Chilling movie, and picture by Massimo Carnevale

Super Cool Site

I love this site, I think it is such an incredible sentiment to where the internet has come from the days of is still up and running). The interwebs …

Hot Chip by DKNG Studios

Hot Chip poster by DKNG Studios. DKNG is one of my favorite design groups, their posters are always top of the charts, and add jealousy to my veins every time, …

The Greats of Instagram

@Chaunceton @sexietime @twheat @JoryDayne

Oh Fo Sho’

Working on some new things, I’ve never really done this type of illustration, so I hope I get better, cause where I’m at is okay, but nowhere near where I …

Bill Murray by DKNG Studios

Mr. Cup